Insulation & Construction Materials

insulation and construction materials

Topak Commerce is a good partners in the construction materials supply market. Our load handling solutions are used in various sectors of on land transport and delivery, including manufacturing, Consulting, construction, distribution, forestry, and defence. With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, we offer our customers the best solutions and a wide range of services to support and service to the their operations. We can help our customers to be more alternative products and more service in the future. Read more..

Electrical And Lighting Materials

electrical, lighting materials

Our first duty is the supply of all Lighting, Safety, electrical products to customer all on the world. We supply energy saving lamps, led laps ,cables; low voltage, high voltage electrical products. . Aside from this, it provides; lighting and electrical materials needed within the industry by importing them at a reasonable quality and price for its clients. Read more..

Agricultural Materials

agricultural materials

Our supply and consulting on a steady, high-quality agricultural materials such as cocoa, coffee, wheat ,sesame, and many other commodities to create our delicious products.. We know that the first duty of our environmental impact is in agriculture. we're making significant long-term investments to help secure our supply of key agricultural commodities cause it's so important for our business. Read more..

Printing & Papers

printing and papers

Topak commerce is Supplying alot of kind paper materials all of the world. We-owned sources for Office paper, stock-lot paper, regular paper, printing paper industrial packaging & shipping, janitorial, maintenance, safety, and office supplies. We can help to our customers with our long time with economically, acting as a trusted business partner rather than an order taker. Read more..